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Research Features


​If you are interested in research, then Geisinger is just the place for you! Between a research institute, experts in various methodologies, and funding, the support you have access to is seemingly endless. Read more about conducting research as a resident!

  • We have the Investigator Initiated Research Operations (IIRO) is a support organization through Geisinger that focuses on securing funding for scholarly work, organizing and coordinating meetings with all parties involved in clinical projects, and works to continue to push projects forward even when you are on busy clinical rotations.

  • Our access to Epic is an incredible resource! When other hospitals were still lost in paper charting, we were one of the earliest health systems to adopt EPIC as our Electronic Health Record (EHR) in 1994. That means we have the ability to pull >25 years of population data to assess and analyze.

  • Geisinger has it's own Health Plan, which means access to claims data! A great avenue of research for residents interested in things like cost analyses and health equity. 

  • Geisinger is home to MyCode, the world's largest data bank of genomic information! Learn more at

  • Scholarship Days is an annual institution wide event hosted by the Graduate Medical Education department. This event provides a forum for medical students, residents, fellows and faculty to gather and share their work in research, quality improvement and educational scholarship. 

Pictures From Various Conferences


One this is for sure, there is no shortage of ideas or interests in this program. Check out this list of ongoing research projects involving our residents and core faculty!

  • Implementation for Pediatric Rheumatology Curriculum for Adult Rheumatology Fellows

  • From Process to Progress: Developing a Transition Curriculum in Pediatric Rheumatology and Proposal for A Novel Young Adult Rheumatology Transition Clinic

  • Pediatric Chronic Disease and Pediatric to Adult Transitions: Medication Management Changes and Evaluations of Pediatric to Adult Transitions and Healthcare Utilization Across the Patient Journey

  • Utilization of Patient Facing EHR Integrated Tools to Improve Self-Identification and Social Determinates of Health

  • Impact of EHR Imbedded Tools in Clinical Outcomes

  • Where did the Sleep Go? A Nurse-Provider-Informatics Collaborative Project to Improve Inpatient Sleep Hygiene for Hospitalized Patients

  • PCORI: Future Planning and Well-Being for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Family Caregivers

  • DOH Hereditary Cancer Transitions Project

  • Validation of Risk Stratification Tool for the Young Adult Population to Determine Appropriate Utilization of Healthcare Resources

  • Utilizing Specialty Trained Registered Nurses to Reduce Urology Consults and Healthcare Expenditure for Difficult Foley Catheter Placement

  • The Pink to Purple Initiative: Improving Emergency Department Boarding and Patient Throughput

  • Evaluating the Efficacy of Different Electronic Medical Record Alerts to Increase Pediatric Lipid Screening Across a Large Integrated Health System

  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Antibiotics Timeouts on Antibiotic Stewardship

  • Adolescent Inpatient Boarding Protocol: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Care for Medically Cleared Pediatric Patient Awaiting Placement in a Psychiatric Facility

  • Iron Kids Mental Health Initiative: Utilizing a CBT based Online Curriculum to Teach Anxiety Coping Skills 

  • Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia as the Earliest Presenting Feature of Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis

  • Med-Peds Faculty and Resident Research QI Project

  • LGBTQ+ Care Gaps in Rural Primary Care Settings, A System-Wide Review

  • Acquisition and Utilization of Pediatric Medical Equipment at the Milton MedPeds Practice

  • PJP Prophylaxis Project

  • Rheumatology Transition Clinic Project

  • Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided Axios Stent Placement for Cyst-Esophagostomy of Mediastinal Abscess

  • Improving Nursing and Resident Relations

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