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Geisinger Hospital Sites

While the majority of our time as residents is spent at the "main" hospital campus in Danville, PA, we also have the opportunity to spend time at several other Geisinger Locations, primarily Geisinger Woodbine Lane; Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital (GBH); and Geisinger Shamokin Area Community Hospital (GSACH). Hover over photos below to get a better idea of what the sites look like.

Med-Peds Specific Continuity Sites

No two Med-Peds Residency Program's outpatient experiences are the same. At Geisinger, we are proud of our unique experience because we truly feel it gives residents the opportunity to develop individual patient panels during their four years of residency training. You are the patient's primary physician and have your own continuity panel. You will spend one afternoon a week, every week during residency (except for MSICU and night shift), at our Med-Peds Continuity Clinic site (Milton). You will also be required to complete one "Ambulatory" month per year which will be completed at Milton with opportunities to rotate at our other clinic sites (featured below); this is an attempt to build your patient panel, building rapport with attending physicians, nurses and the office staff. 

One of the best parts of our continuity experience is the opportunity to work with preceptors who are specifically Med-Peds trained!

Clinic Preceptors (all board certified Med-Peds physicians): 

Lewisburg - Margaret Still, DO

Milton -  Margaret Chappen, MD; Blake Lowe, DO; James Zola, MD; Alexis Matarangas, MD

Selinsgrove -  James Zola, MD

Hover over photos to see more information about each individual clinic site.

Global Health Outreach

Geisinger has had a formal Pediatric Global Health curriculum for nearly twenty years.  Our program is nationally recognized for its attention to safety, consistency and focus on creating sustainable activities that impact those we learn from internationally long after we have left.  All international trips are supervised directly by our faculty, all of whom have experience working in these locations.  We believe that residents should not be burdened with the costs of a Global Health experience.  As such, the program covers the costs associated with airfare, accommodations and meals as well as any Travel Medicine expenses associated with the trip. Before residents leave for their trip, they complete a self-paced, online curriculum that covers global health as a broader topic as well as live lectures regarding specific site pathology.  All aspects of the trip are planned and arranged by our global health team.  Although COVID-19 limited travel abroad, we are gradually resuming our previous experiences. Prior sites have included Peru, India and China.

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