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Our Leadership Team


Thomas Davis, MD

Program Director

Adult Complex Care Clinic Director

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA until residency when we moved to Danville, PA for my Med-Peds training. During my final year of residency, I developed the concept for a complex care clinic focusing on adult transitional care; fortunately, I have been able to continue juggling the complex care clinic while also serving as PD! I never expected to love living in Central PA, but after 13 years, I cannot see living anywhere else! I love my family and acting like a giant child around them, exploring the area with them, running/exercise, sports and just time to relax.

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Michaelyn Tinstman Notz, DO

Associate Program Director

Director of Pediatric Complex Care Clinic & Pediatric Hospitalist

I came to Danville as a medical student with my Danvillian husband and never have left!  I did most of my clinical training at Geisinger, and we both continue to practice here. We have two young girls and are busy juggling lives as physicians and parents. Besides my physician and mom hats, I enjoy running (especially Run Disney races), reading books, doing puzzles (infrequent) and baking, in my spare time.


Rose Barham, MD

Associate Program Director 

Adult & Pediatric Hospitalist

I joined Geisinger in 2020 as a combined Med-Peds Hospitalist. Prior to that, I completed Med-Peds training and a 5th year chief residency/hospitalist year at University of Rochester Medical Center. I am loving the transition to Geisinger, Danville and farm life. Most of my hobbies currently surround being a farmer’s wife and mother of a toddler and soon-to-be second baby. Generally speaking I love to do things outdoors and related to eating (including cooking, baking, canning).  

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Alicia Laskowski, cTAGME

Program Administrator

Alicia here, AKA: Boss. In 2015, I became the Program Administrator for the Med-Peds residency program. I have loved every minute of it, especially forming bonds with our residents and helping them succeed professionally and personally. When I’m not spending time with my work family, I enjoy baking, cooking, gardening and most importantly, making memories with my husband and daughter.


R. Blake Lowe, DO, MS

Med-Peds Core Faculty 

Medicine Hospitalist & Geisinger Milton Clinic

I was born and raised in East Tennessee. My hometown is beautiful but extremely rural (Check it out! Huntsville, TN). My family owns a small farm where we raise sheep, chickens, pigs, and turkeys. Anyone in the Geisinger Med-Peds program will tell you that I love raising a garden and have MANY indoor plants. It was my way of “farming” while in residency and served as a great source of mental wellness. I am excited to serve as core faculty for both Internal Medicine and Med-Peds while working 50% as a primary care doc at our Med-Peds clinic in Milton and 50% as an adult hospitalist here at Geisinger Medical Center.

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M. Scott Hurley, DO

Med-Peds Core Faculty

Med-Peds Primary Care Physician

Hello all! This is Dr. Hurley! I have dreamed about being a primary care physician for most of my life and absolutely LOVE what I do! My primary interests are in preventative care and guideline-driven medical practices. When I’m not doing medicine, I love spending time with my wife and all of our fur-babies (2 cats & 3 dogs). I love sports and many would call me an expert when it comes to fantasy football. The best physicians with whom I trained had an infectious love for what they do, and it’s my goal to help a little bit of my passion rub off on you!

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Emily Brunner, DO, RhMSUS

Med-Peds Core Faculty

Adult & Pediatric Rheumatologist

It is actually possible. All of it (or at least most of it). I am overly optimistic board-certified and practicing pediatric and adult rheumatologist here at Geisinger Medical Center. I completed my combined fellowship training at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and joined Geisinger in fall 2018. I’m fortunate enough to live and play in both worlds and aspire to create a young adult transition clinic for patients with chronic rheumatic disease. I’m USSONAR trained and RhMSUS certified in musculoskeletal ultrasound and incorporate this into my practice regularly; I am also involved in the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance ultrasound workgroup. When I’m not working, I am playing! I love spending time with my husband, Rob (adult infectious disease), and our two young children, and am constantly looking for an excuse to get outside and move.

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Andy Peckham, MD, MPH

Med-Peds Core Faculty

Adult & Pediatric Hospitalist

Hi everyone, my name is Andy Peckham and I love my job at Geisinger working with residents as a combined Internal Medicine-Pediatric Hospitalist! I completed Med-Peds residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center in NY. I was fortunate to find a perfect 50-50 Med-Peds Hospitalist job here at Geisinger, starting the summer of 2019. My wife Jen and I love the outdoors, and we are also happy to be close to Jen’s family. I’m passionate about point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) and I’m working on creating a curriculum for both the Internal Medicine and Pediatric residency programs.  My professional interests also include medical education, global and public health, and evidence-based medicine. Outside of the hospital, I love to do all kinds of outdoor activities including rock and ice climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, and hiking. Most of all I enjoy spending time exploring with my wife and three kids, traveling, being active outside, and including my family in medical missions.


Raghuveer Puttagunta, MD

Med-Peds Core Faculty

Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer (aCMIO)

I graduated from our very own Med Peds Residency in 2019 and have since completed both a Complex Care (2020) and Clinical Informatics (2022) Fellowships. I am now currently serving as the Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer for the Clinician Experience here at Geisinger Health where I focus on improving the usability of the EHR and other tools to improve the ease at which quality care is delivered to patients while decreasing barriers for physicians and other clinical staff. My research interests center around healthcare navigation for pediatric chronic diseases, especially into adulthood, as well as investigating what factors affect how physicians interact with the EHR and serve as possible contributions to burnout. I also currently practice as a true Med-Peds Hospitalist with a focus on pediatric chronic disease. 


Agnes Sundaresan, MD, MPH

Biostatistician & Research Coordinator 

Med-Peds Core Faculty

Hello! I am Agnes. I help direct the journal club for the Med-Peds residency program. I enjoy the intellectual stimulation this brings while equipping the residents with skills to interpret journal articles. I currently work primarily as an outpatient Med-Peds provider (Geisinger Woodbine Clinic). I am blessed with a wonderful family including my husband, Chris; my daughter, Gyovanna; and my son, Isaiah; we all enjoy living in this beautiful place.

Supporting Med-Peds Faculty 

If there is anyone listed below you are interested in speaking with directly, please email, we'd be happy to put you into contact with them.

Primary care providers:

Margaret Chappen, MD - Milton Community Clinic 

Thomas Davis, MD - Adult Comprehensive (Complex) Care Clinic

Scottie Hurley, DO - Berwick Community Clinic

Stephen Lewis, DO - Berwick Community Clinic

R. Blake Lowe, DO - Milton Community Clinic & Medicine Hospitalist

Michaelyn Notz, DO - Pediatric Complex Care Clinic & Pediatric Hospitalist

Margaret Still, DO - Lewisburg Community Clinic

Agnes Sundaresan, MD - Woodbine Family Medicine Clinic

James Zola, MD - Selinsgrove Community Clinic

Hospital Medicine/Pediatric Hospitalist Providers

Keith Boell, DO - Vice Chair of Medicine Institute

Rose Barham, MD - Combined Med-Peds Hospitalist

Malachi Courtney, MD - Medicine Hospitalist

Sean Devine, MD - Adult Critical Care & Pulmonary Care Medicine

Lindsay Dittman, MD - Combined Med-Peds Hospitalist

Lauren Greene, MD - Combined Med-Peds Hospitalist

R. Blake Lowe, DO - Milton Community Clinic & Medicine Hospitalist

Jagdeep Mehr, MD - Medicine Hospitalist

Michaelyn Notz, DO - Pediatric Complex Care Clinic & Pediatric Hospitalist

Andrew Peckham, MD - Combined Med-Peds Hospitalist

Raghuveer Puttagunta, MD - Combined Med-Peds Hospitalist and Associate Chief Medical Informatics offer (aCMIO)

Parth Shah, MD - Medicine Hospitalist

Michelle Thompson, MD - Designated Institutional Office (DIO)

Specialty Providers:

Emily Brunner, DO - Combined Rheumatology (Pediatric & Adult) 

Rob Brunner, DO - Adult Infectious Disease

Michelle Cornacchia, MD - Adult Complex Care Clinic, Danville

Thomas Davis, MD - Adult Complex Care Clinic, Danville

Sean Devine, MD - Adult Critical Care & Pulmonary Medicine

Susan Rasul, MD - GI Nutrition & Obesity Medicine

Bethany Restemayer, MD - GI Nutrition & Obesity Medicine

Jennifer Franceschelli-Hosterman, DO - Pediatric & Adult GI Nutrition/Weight Management

Robert Mangano, MD - Pediatric Cardiology & Congenital Heart Disease

Jonathan Spahr, MD - Pediatric Pulmonology & Director of Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

Howard Pride, MD - Adult & Pediatric Dermatology

Former Med-Peds Grads in Fellowship Training at Geisinger:

Esther Mann, DO - Adult Hematology & Oncology Fellowship

Jeffrey Rickert, DO - Adult Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

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