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Meet Our Residents!

Every Med-Peds program will offer similar educational experiences but the residents are really what make each program so unique! Each of our residents plays a vital role in making our residency the best it can be - every single day. All residents are available via their email addresses (listed below); if you have a specific question or similar interest, don't hesitate to directly contact them!

Class of 2024 (PGY4s)
Class of 2025 (PGY3s)
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Ali Abdulqader, MD

Hometown: Dubai & Toronto

Med School: University of Sharjah College of Medicine (United Arab Emirates)

Interests: Med-Peds Inpatient and Outpatient, academic medicine and leadership

Why Geisinger? The program and hospital fit my career goals with supportive faculty and opportunities for leadership. This program is designed to help residents develop their own tracks and reach their target.

Other interests: soccer, bowling, watching movies with friends, board games, table tennis, video games

Favorite part about Danville: my favorite place in Danville is Knoebel's Amusement Park

Fun fact: As a young child, I thought my birthday was special to the point it was celebrated by other people - fast forward to when I was 7 or 8 and I found out January 1st wasn't special just to me!


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Sean Farrell, MD

Hometown: Yardley, PA

Med School: Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Passions: I see myself working with both adults and kids in the inpatient and outpatient settings

Why Geisinger? "I picked Geisinger because I really valued my time here as a medical student and because I am really impressed with the Geisinger Health System. I know I will get excellent training in an institution that is interested in and equipped to tackle some of the challenges of healthcare that lie ahead in the coming years."

Favorite thing to do around Danville: Spending time with my wife, Cindy, and baby girl, Lainey. I also like to read fiction and non-fiction, play piano and guitar. 

Fun Fact: My wife, daughter and I were on Good Morning America because my daughter stayed in the NICU during my 4th year NICU rotation. She was born the day I started (missed that shift!). Watch the video!



Taxia Arabatzis, DO

Hometown: Saco, Maine

Med School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Passions: Interest in Heme/Onc - unsure if that will be Peds, Adult, or Combined but I also like hospital medicine

Why Geisinger? "I could tell even from virtual interviews how much the residents were supported by the faculty and each other. On the interview day, the residents and faculty were really interested in getting to know me as a person, not just another resume."

Favorite thing to do around Danville: Running near the river and in the Hess loop trail (which offers great shade on hot summer days)

Fun Fact: I've climbed the highest mountain in Maine THREE times


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Jordan Jackson, DO

Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

Med School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Passions: Thinking about hospital medicine but I also am looking forward to building a continuity clinic panel and getting more exposure to primary care.

Why Geisinger? "I called my mom immediately after my interview day and talked for more than an hour about how much I loved the program...everyone seemed to genuinely like each other and feel supported. The transition to residency is going to be inherently tough, but Geisinger stood out as a place where I can count on having back-up and support for anything that happens!"

Favorite part about Danville: I love the rolling hills...being from a relatively flat part of NC, it's a cool change to have so much to look at driving place to place

Fun Fact: People often confusion my sisters and I, despite being a 5 year gap between the oldest and youngest, thinking we are triplets because we all look so much alike!




Brianna Bockman-Wu, MD

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Med School: Ross University School of Medicine (Dominica)

Passions: Med-Peds primary care in an under sourced, urban setting; global healthcare

Why Geisinger? "All the residents seem to genuinely get along and were happy to be there. The faculty seemed especially invested in supporting each residents' unique goals and truly seemed committed to the Med-Peds world! They also were very family-friendly and welcomed the idea of me couples-matching with my husband, Greg (in General Surgery)."

Favorite part about Danville: All of my neighbors being so welcoming and settling into our new home

Fun Fact: I went skydiving when I turned 18 and would love to keep going!



Meaghan Roszyk, DO

Hometown: Nazareth, PA

Med School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Philadelphia campus)

Passions: I have always been drawn to primary care but am also very interested in lifestyle and culinary medicine

Why Geisinger? "The people and the opportunities! Geisinger stood out to me as an innovative academic center with very impressive yet genuinely happy physicians!"

Favorite part about Danville: the scenery! Having lived in NY, London, and Philadelphia, I am not used to seeing so much green! I can't wait to explore some of the local trails and festivals!

Fun Fact: I am an Irish dancer!



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